RV Trip Diary

I developed and released RV Trip Diary as an app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store during the summer of 2018. The app still has a large user base with over 1,000 monthly active users during the camping season. RV Trip Diary allows RV campers to log and record information about each campground that they have visited. Campers can store campground information, site information, trip details, photos, and more. The app also allows campers to keep track of information about their RV and truck as well as view which states/provinces they have visited so far.

To see more information about RV Trip Diary, visit jeretech.com/rvtripdiary. To download the app, search for "RV Trip Diary" on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


I have developed, published, and continued to maintain my app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store named ScoutPackster. This app compiles user input (date and location of a camping trip as well as activities on the trip) as well as data from the Google Places API, the Google Geocoding API, the WeatherUnderground Forecast API, and my custom ScoutPackster API that I created (to retrieve steps/instructions to generate a packing list). With this information, ScoutPackster generates custom packing lists for Boy Scouts so they can always be prepared.


To see more information about ScoutPackster, visit www.ScoutPackster.com. To download the app, visit www.ScoutPackster.com/app.