I have developed, published, and continued to maintain my app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store named ScoutPackster. This app compiles user input (date and location of a camping trip as well as activities on the trip) as well as data from the Google Places API, the Google Geocoding API, the WeatherUnderground Forecast API, and my custom ScoutPackster API that I created (to retrieve steps/instructions to generate a packing list). With this information, ScoutPackster generates custom packing lists for Boy Scouts so they can always be prepared.


To see more information about ScoutPackster, visit To download the app, visit

My Kitchen Helper

My Kitchen Helper is a java-based application that I created in order to help people manage ingredients, recipes, and meal plans in their kitchens. This application has three main components:

  1. Ingredient Manager: users can track amounts of ingredients available in the house and print shopping lists for used/expired ingredients
  2. Recipe Manager: users can store recipes to view later and view recipe recommendations based on the available ingredients
  3. Meal Planner: users can store up to four meal plans in order to plan meals for a week based on recipes in the recipe manager


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To view the source code for My Kitchen Helper or download the program, visit its GitHub repo.