Basic Information

Name: Jeremy M. Schonfeld
Current Employment: Software Engineer at Apple in Cupertino, CA Education: B.S. in Computer Science from Georgia Tech with concentrations in artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction (earned May, 2020)


Related to computer science, I am very interested in the field of mobile and ubiquitous development. I find the science behind technology embedded in society fascinating and I enjoy creating mobile apps for iOS and Android and working on Apple operating systems. I am currently working on the Foundation team at Apple as a software engineer.

Outside of the realm of computer science, I enjoy hiking, camping, and outdoor adventures. I am an Eagle Scout and I love spending time in the outdoors and hiking from the tops of peaks to the bottoms of canyons. Furthermore, I am an avid biker and musician and I love to play the trumpet and piano.


Software: Swift, Objective-C, Java, C/C++, Android SDK (Java), HTML, PHP, JavaScript, REST APIs, Arduino, Node.js, Linux Shell, MySQL, Git & GitHub, Continuous Integration, JUnit Testing / Xcode Unit Testing, Xcode, Android Studio
Hardware: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Windows/Macintosh/Linux
Languages: Proficient in Spanish

Project Experience and Leadership

Personal Mission Statement

Strive to assist others in order to create a better world for those who follow behind us.